Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Part of what we have been up too

I did these on my embroidery machine. When Mom was in hospital getting her knee replaced she quilted it. This is for one of my husbands bosses. His wife wanted a lady bug blanket so we put this together.
 Before my husband got sick he wanted me to make this quilt for his boss who is retiring at the end of this month. It took me awhile to do this for we found out he was sick so I did it when I could. I think he would of liked it.
 This is his bosses picture that I have put on the quilt.
This quilt will be signed by the people who are going to be at the retirement party. Well my husband will not be there so I put his picture on the back of the quilt. He and his boss were really close. I sure hope that Rex likes his quilt. I will find out on the 31st of August.
Well in a day or two I will post more of what we have done.
Beverly Squires