Saturday, March 8, 2008



The other day I was in my make shift sewing room/bedroom....trying to rearragne it and bring all the material out of the space bags they were in (you see a picture of the only remaining space bag above). It was an inconvenience to have them in this bag and several of the bags were busting as I would throw them around, there were eight of these there is only one left. Here is where the confession comes in. I counted 34 (33 now that the quilt is done below) UFO' sad is that? I will confess that two of them just need a binding, only four of them need the actual tops finished (that is not too bad) and I got four at garage sells, two finished tops, one top I finished and one that needs to be finished. I was in shock, I am still in shock. So it looks like I have to get stippling. I just have seven that I feel necessary to hand quilt, the rest hold no attachment to my heart or to any paticular person. So my project Monday is to label the quilt tops that are going to a specific person, in case, just in case, I come into some mishap and can not finish them. This way, I will be leaving my UFO's for the person who will inherit my stash and they will know who those seven quilts will go to. the inheritor of my stash....HA! HA!....have fun and good luck. Now in those pictures, you do not see the closet with the quilt tops and some scraps...there is a space bag with scraps as well, and you do not see the large pieces of material on top of the book shelf either. Then on the other side of the room is a long table with two sewing machines, tools etc.....Then a full size bed on one wall with a sewing machine table for cutting. So...I have just enough room to roll my chair from a sewing machine to the cutting table. If I put an ironing board at the end of the long table....well...I just hope I don't knock over the iron. But it is a room. Nope, not bragging because I saw Maragarets stash behind her quilt...I had to wipe the slobber off my mouth when I saw that. This is just to say....get those UFO's done...NOW!!! I am trying very hard not to start a new project until I get my UFO's whittled down to manageable. Hummmmmmm, any well wishers or do you feel sorry for the person who gets the stash when I am gone? Do you want it now Jeanette? HA!!!

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Maxwells said...

That was just one of her walls, she has 2 more just like it (mom).