Sunday, April 27, 2008

Moma'a & Jeanette's Quilts

I finally figured out the way to scan to get the pictures to come up on the blog....yea!!!! Hope you enjoy these pictures a second time. I only want to see more.


Great Job! Beverly, it looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


This quilt was paper pieced. I have another one that I paper pieced that needs quilting, it is fans. I have decided that I do not like paper piecing, although, it does help a person with perfection.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I have made this one several times as well. I love applique. A thought came to me, where are all these quilts. Jeanette once said she did not have a quilt that she had we quilters just give them all away? That is why I like the Round robins, I will never give those quilts away, so now I have two quilt to show for myself. Although, I don't think I would keep any of the baby quilts, maybe I should start making them for my own grandchildren if I ever get any? So...let's keep those Round Robins we all can have some quilts of our own.


I love this pattern. I have made this many times....


I made these two quilts right before leaving the states for Samoa. I made them for my son Nathan who had joined the army with his friend from high school, Anthony. Anthony is in Alaska, so he really appreciated his quilt. These quilts are single bed.


I have made this quilt four times and still don't have one of my own. I finished this here in Samoa

ROUND ROBING 2008....which one?

“Add A Block” Round Robin Guide

An “Add a Block” RR puts a twist on the traditional round robin.

To start, the quilt owner creates a grid and a focus/starter block for the quilt to set the scene; all other members of the RR add blocks to support the theme/scene of the quilt.  There can be all kinds of rules for size, color, theme, etc.  The quilt grid is then passed to the next member in the group.  They add the next block or set of blocks. The number of blocks each member adds is dependent upon the number of participants.  Each member pins their contribution(s) to an area of the grid and marks the muslin grid (NOT the blocks) with their name. This continues until all group members have added a block or set of blocks and the completed quilt is returned to its owner. Once the blocks are pinned in place by the RR member they cannot be moved or rearranged until the quilt owner gets the quilt top back at the end of the RR. The quilter who made the theme/scene block assembles the blocks in a manner that suits her, quilts it, finishes it and keeps it (hopefully sharing pictures with the rest of us at the end).

to see an examle go to

I have the rest of the instructions....we are just deciding which one we want to do ...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Row by row

A row quilt is a quilt where each robin member makes a row in a specific width or length (MAXIMUM of 54” PLEASE), determines the theme and then passes the quilt to the remaining robin members of their group who each make another row until eventually the set of rows return to the quilt owner who puts all of the rows into a quilt. The quilt owner determines whether his/her quilt will be in a vertical or horizontal orientation, the widths/lengths above apply to both vertical and horizontal row by row quilts.

Go to for a sample or just look up row quilting on the net.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is one of those seven quilts I mentioned that were ment for someone special. This is hand quilted and I wanted the stitches to show. I think I would love the Japanese quilting...forgot the name but you use stitches for the design of the quilt.
I am sure some of you have heard me mention my friend Sue. Her daughter was my best friend in High School and still remains so today. Anyways, Sue loved my children as her own grandchildren. She was very unselfish and will remain an important part of my life. She died of Cancer about sixteen years ago. This quilt is for her grand daughter she never saw. She made quilts for a few of my children and so I just wanted to pass on something to her grand daughter. It has taken me three years to finish this easy but just kept putting it off.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moma's and Jeanette's quilts

I have tried and tried to get their pictures in this blog but I finally resorted to taking a picture of the pictures....Apparently, the blog site has a hard time picking up scanned pictures, I have tried for over eight hours, two of them today. Oh well...double click and you can see who made them and who they went to. Aren't they great!!!


This quilt Margaret did for Toni's birthday. I have been robbing personal sites and having fun doing it....but if any of you are offended by this, just let me know...I may stop and then again.....!!!!!!


The red quilt she did for moma, the blue one is the Round Robin of 2007, the brown is just one that she machine quilted with some hand quilting. Then part of her stash. I stole these off her personal site...I don't want only my stuff to be on this site and besides, I am having fun figuring out this computer stuff.


I have been working on this quilt for over four years, off and on. All these flowers (see the close up) are hand sewn down. It took me sixteen hours just to iron and fold them all. I have only four left to do....YEA!!! Then it will go on the quilt frame that is holding it up right now. One closer.


I know, I said no more projects until I get all the others whittled down.....Okay...I caved. I had such fun putting this together. I am still not done with the blanket stitch around the items. I also have these real cute blocks to border the picture. When I am done, I will post it finished. I just had to show Toni what I was doing. FUN...FUN...FUN!!!!!