Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well....today I spent most of my time sewing....stippling to be exact. I am finishing that one Walmart quilt you will see below for a wedding this Friday. So, while I was making the binding for that quilt, I just went ahead and put together 3 more bindings for 3 other quilts, 2 were the round robin and one is still on the frame, I am almost finished hand quilting it and it will soon be ready to post on the blog as well as the Wedding quilt. So...I think I am down to about 26 projects to go...that is better than 34 projects. Also, I really liked Beverly's idea of showing the backing as well as the top of the quilt, so I copied her and showed the backings to these quilts as well, espeically since the tops are show in previous segments.

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Maxwells said...

I HATE to bind, too bad you aren't closer I would let you bind some for me.