Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This is a trial one....all the pieces are fused together (it is material)....using my fusing that gums, still waiting on my good fusible. Anyways, I am going to fuse this to a placemat...I am making the placemat...haven't figure out how I am going to do that (any suggestions, or measurements?...being lazy here...would love answers). Right now I am just cutting all the pieces out of my fusible before I put it on the material. I had all the boys color this picture using their favorite colors...and that is going to be their car...and I am going to put their names on the placemat. I spent all afternoon doing this one car and tracing after tracing each piece...I still have the two wheels to do....not bad. This is for the Blue and Gold Banquet, which we have the pinewood derby as well. This will be in March but I knew I would need a long time to finsh all of won't be doing much quilting...well..maybe I will squeeze in a few projects. I am doing 20 of them...anyone want to help?


Needled Mom said...

20?????? Oh dear. You do have your work cut out for you. I would offer to help if I didn't have so much going on right now as it sounds like a fun project.

Mary L. said...

How cute! I have such fond memories of the years my three boys were in scouting.

Patricia Davila said...

Love the derby car. never thought of making a quilt from them. Very cute. I have a couple of cars around this house somewhere. Cubby's is fun. Did it for a while.