Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm done

Well I finally finished the 3 blocks I had to do. Bet everyone thought I wasn't going to get them done. This one goes on Jennifer's
This I believe is Beverly's

And this goes on Jeanette's. I have to go in the morning and buy more ribbon. I need 3 more inches to have it finished.
These will be mailed to Toni tomorrow - Sorry everyone for being such a slow poke.


scrappy quilter said...

Very nice. The first one is my favorite. Great job!!

Weekes Family said...

Very nice!! It now looks like I am the slacker. I got two a couple of weeks ago and.... they are just sitting there saying---you need to work on me... I can say that people have done a really nice job on these... Tony's is very very cute!!

Barb said...

Well.....considering we are suppose to be done by now.....(ha!!) oh will be fun to get them all done and to the rightful owners. Margaret, you always pick abstract patterns....I always think of you when I see geometric amazes me at how good you are at them.