Saturday, September 19, 2009

Round Robin

I have heard so many complaints about this RR that it has taken all the fun out of it. I am sorry, if you all would have said something. One complaint was, they hate applique (no one said you had to applique on each block). One said that the finished quilt was not going to be big enough. One said they didn't like this that is it for me....I will not come up with anymore RR. I am trying not to take this personal...but this was suppose to be fun, not stressful, and was suppose to be a project from family members...could we not just enjoy it as such. So my apologies go out to all of you. Also....Toni, I felt like you did, that I needed to fill the spaces...don't fill them...just do what you want and send them on....then we will call it quits.


Weekes Family said...

Please, do not take it personel. I thought it was fun and I am always game to trying something new. Thanks for letting me participate.

We love you all!!!!

Maxwells said...

Sorry, I know it's my fault you feel bad about it. It's not your fault I am uncreative. I am in charge of the baby quilts in the ward, and I just caught up, all I have left to do is yours, so I will get on it tomorrow. Priority #1 in my book. You know I love you!