Thursday, June 17, 2010

My summer lake

I went down to Baton Rouge with my husband and visited with my sister Margaret and my brother Jim. While I was at Margaret she gave me pieces that she cut out and I went home and pieced it and this is what I came out with. By the way she has an awesome new quilting machine.


Needled Mom said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love the Greek Key look around the edges.

Barb said...

Wow Beveryly, that is sooo pretty!!

onlymehere said...

For Barb:
You don't have comments enabled on your Bejeweled blog! I want to respond to you but can't. We have much more in common than you'd guess. For some reason your Bejeweled blog was marked as "Hawaiian Quilt Blog" by me when I saved it in my favorites and I don't know why. You must have done a Hawaiian pattern or something or maybe I'm just crazy. After Trav is home from his mission I want to make him a Hawaiian quilt but those patterns I find are so dang hard! If you want you can email me at and then I can get back to you on email. If you want. Either that or enable your comments so I can talk to you, lol!
P.S. It looks like he's going to have to have them out but he needs another documented case or two before insurance will approve it. They're trying to get approval now though since this bout has lasted for so long and nothing is making him better. He just wants to do the work and be better. His heart is still right, if only his body would be right. He'll make it through this trial though I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

You just came home and threw that together! Awsome! I really like the Ginger Jar quilt...who makes that pattern? Thanks for the well wishes with sugery next week. Should have some time to do some quilting!