Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Beverly has decided to take over the Quilter's Corner. It will no longer be a family site since most of us have our own blogs.

As for the nieces, I am sure your mothers and even myself would be happy to post on our blogs for you....I know I would, it would thrill me to show your work.

So...I am now handing over the keys to this blog to another wonderful sister....and taking myself out of this blog and everyone else.

Beverly, we look forward to enjoying your post...

I hear tell that you have a new embroidery machine....we would all love to see a picture and tell us what it can do.

Good luck!!


Needled Mom said...

Welcome aboard, Beverly. Yes, we would love to see machine embroidery projects.

Melissa said...

Hi, Beverly! I have an embroidery machine too, and I love it! Which one do you own?