Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quilt Show

Well my sister Margaret came down to mom's for the weekend. So happens Mom and I found out that there was a quilt so in Texarkana, TX.

So we went to the quilt show. My daughter Anya went with us. They had door prize and my sister and I won. So this is what we got for the door prize. Isn't it sweet. But my sister gave her to our mother. But piggy me kept mine.

They had some really nice quilts at the show. And I was thinking. My work looks almost(or better then some). So I might get me a quilt together and put into the next one. So we will see. Have a good day and keep on quilting.

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Barb said...

That is awesome Beverly, and to win the door prize, doesn't get much better than that. Yes, do enter your I said, your pieceing is amazing....and your quilting.