Monday, June 6, 2011

Good and Bad

I don't have any pictures at this time. I just wanted to say I have been busy.

Well My last child graduated May 27. It sure was a sad thing but a good thing too. Sad because he is the last one of four. But I am proud of him. It sure was a hard road for him. Have no pictures at the time yet but I will soon.

Than Sunday night at 9:30 while I was talking to my daughter she had a wreck. Boy was I scared. A drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit her and her husband. The car was total. But the good news is they walked out of it. She has a black eye from hitting the door window and bruised her knees. Her husband got a busted lip, two staples in his chin and hurt his shoulder a little. It could of been a lot worse for they were not wearing their seat belts(lesson learned). I am thankful they are alright.
So this last week I have been helping them out. Which I am happy to do.

Oh yea the other bad thing is they guy that hit them had no insurance. But my daughter had full coverage.

I am thankful for all my family and friends. An experience like this makes you glad that you have both. So please everyone be careful and watch out for those who think they don't have to do the right thing.


Barb said...

That would be pretty scarey...glad all turned out okay!

Needled Mom said...

Congratulations to your son.

Thank heavens that everything turned out okay for your daughter and her husband. That IS scary.

JJ said...

Tell Steve congrats for me and we are excited that he made it. Terrible that people drink and drive but I am glad that everyone walked away from it with minor injuries.