Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Been haveing fun.

 I took all those lady bugs I did and the above is what I came up with. I am in the process of hand quilting it. But it will take a little bit because I have another quilt in a big frame that I am trying to get out before Sept 15, I don't think I will make it. This one will be done before that one. Oh well.
 The above is one that I have quilted and now it just needs binding. Maybe when Mom gets home I can talk her into binding.
This is another lady bug quilt. I know I am lazy because it is not ironed. Well it will be when I quilt it.

These quilts are for nobody. Can you believe I have no babies due that the moment. Well we do but that quilt is almost done. I am trying to get ahead of the pack. But everyone knows what that means someone will have a baby soon.

Oh well what a lovely day it is today. Have to go to the big town which is 45 minutes away.

Have a nice day and I will try to post later.



Needled Mom said...

I am sure that the baby quilt will be used sometime soon! Looks like you are keeping yourself busy.

Barb said...

you have been busy....and yes....soon they baby birthing will start up again and those lovely quilts will be gone...but no one can say you were not ready.