Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is one of those seven quilts I mentioned that were ment for someone special. This is hand quilted and I wanted the stitches to show. I think I would love the Japanese quilting...forgot the name but you use stitches for the design of the quilt.
I am sure some of you have heard me mention my friend Sue. Her daughter was my best friend in High School and still remains so today. Anyways, Sue loved my children as her own grandchildren. She was very unselfish and will remain an important part of my life. She died of Cancer about sixteen years ago. This quilt is for her grand daughter she never saw. She made quilts for a few of my children and so I just wanted to pass on something to her grand daughter. It has taken me three years to finish this quilt...so easy but just kept putting it off.

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Cotton Family News said...

Okay, I'm crying like crazy, that was the sweetest thing that I have ever read. Awe.....you're such a sweet person and I'll make sure Cassandra adores her quilt forever! You are awesome!