Friday, April 18, 2008

ROUND ROBING 2008....which one?

“Add A Block” Round Robin Guide

An “Add a Block” RR puts a twist on the traditional round robin.

To start, the quilt owner creates a grid and a focus/starter block for the quilt to set the scene; all other members of the RR add blocks to support the theme/scene of the quilt.  There can be all kinds of rules for size, color, theme, etc.  The quilt grid is then passed to the next member in the group.  They add the next block or set of blocks. The number of blocks each member adds is dependent upon the number of participants.  Each member pins their contribution(s) to an area of the grid and marks the muslin grid (NOT the blocks) with their name. This continues until all group members have added a block or set of blocks and the completed quilt is returned to its owner. Once the blocks are pinned in place by the RR member they cannot be moved or rearranged until the quilt owner gets the quilt top back at the end of the RR. The quilter who made the theme/scene block assembles the blocks in a manner that suits her, quilts it, finishes it and keeps it (hopefully sharing pictures with the rest of us at the end).

to see an examle go to

I have the rest of the instructions....we are just deciding which one we want to do ...

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