Saturday, June 28, 2008


When I was a young mother, I had fabric and sewing supplies all over the house and would pull out my sewing machine and put it in the kitchen. I would have scraps and threads from one end of the house to the next. When I got alittle older and a home in Texas, I moved my sewing to the Laundry room, then to the foyer. Still fabric and material all over the house. Then when the boys started to leave home, I finally had the sewing room of my dreams (of course, I wanted shelving, cutting table...etc..but it worked). I was working so I could not enjoy the room as much as I wanted.

Now we have moved. I had a make shift sewing/bedroom. It worked, atleast everything was in one room at my finger tips.

Today, I am dismantling my sewing room. I have sons visiting and one staying. Once again I have material and supplies stored all over the house. It is amazing how much stuff I have collected and part of me is ashamed that I do have so much but any quilter/sewer will tell you that you can never have enough material. So....I have gone full circle. I don't mind, at least for the moment. It also reminded me of all the projects I have started and not completed. Once again, I tell myself, no more projects! No more projects! We will see how long that last.

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Mike said...

That's why Mike hates my hobby. At least Uncle Vance doesn't seem to complain about it.