Monday, June 2, 2008


This is one of the last pieces of Sue's material that I have. I decided to make Betty Cotton's son Jase a quilt since I made their daughter one (see Dutch Doll).
Well....I had the great idea of stuffing the horses and the shoes. I made a backing for each, slit the backing and stuffed. Sounds easy? gets better. So then I add another backing, quilt around the horses and shoes, all in black so match the I quilted twice around each. Well...when I finished one horse, I just felt it looked terrible and was going to just throw it away but Teresa, the sister-in law, my best friend, said Betty would love it no matter what. I continue to quilt around each object, twice. Still frustrated because it is hard to quilt around the objects because of the batting. Once again, the thought of throwing it away came to mind. I was sorry that I would have to throw one of Sue's last remaining pieces of material away. My intentions were good. Vance walked by and said how much he loved it....I couldn't believe I perservered....besides I had already invested alot of time into it. So I am done looks horrible, there is alot of pinching in the material between the objects and fabric....WHAT TO DO? Just throw it away. Sorry again I threw it on the table and took a little nap...during this time the ideal came to mind to stipple the space inbetween the I did...I had some extra fabric, and tried to work it in....I did not take into account that stuffing the objects would make extra material around them....hummmmmm AND...AND... I had put the border on and had to take it off, the whole quilt was off balance because of the stuffing, drew the fabric in...AWWWWWWWWWW... Well...I stippled it but in white because I didn't want black to be on the front. I added the border by just sewing the border onto the front and back at the same time....ummmm ummmm is the finished item. I added extra batting in the border to kinda give it some balance. Am I ever glad this project is over. It is by far one of my worst projects ever. I am giving it to Jase anyways because of Sue but I am not happy. Vance says I am tooo critical, hopefully, Betty will not be too critical and just except the gift for what it is ment to be...a gift from the heart and a reminder of her mother in law. SHEWEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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Cotton Family News said...

Tears of joy again! Barb, thank you so very much and Teresa was right, I will love it no matter what, just having and knowing the story behind the quilt is very special to me and I will treasure it forever. Thanks a million! Betty