Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another quilt that Mom has made.

 This is the last quilt for the grand kids. This is Troy's quilt.
Now I have some visitor's at my house. My oldest son Alfred and his wife Alyson took a plane with these two beautiful girls. Ave is the oldest and Alivia is the youngest. Alyson said the are good flyer's. We are enjoying ourselves this fine Easter day. Hope everyone has a lovely day.


Needled Mom said...

That is a beautiful quilt.

I am sure you are enjoying all of your "A" company!!! Our son and his wife just left and the kids names all start with "A" too. It gets a little tongue confusing once in awhile ;-)

I love the beautiful hair on those girls!! Happy Easter.

JJ said...

That quilt turned out very nice. Your little girls are so cute. I bet you had fun