Thursday, January 1, 2009


Jeanete and I were visiting on Skye the other day (infact, it would be so great if all of you could get on skype and we could chat), it was so fun to actually have Jeanette ring me up in the middle of the day yesterday ...after I figured out what the sound was...well back to you Margaret.

Jeanette and I have had our heads together on the last three RR and she hosted the first two and I the last...well..we just thought you would like to host the next one or it will be the Row by Row one (not a threat). Maybe you and Toni can pull your brains together?

Okay....this is a clean ##@@#### allowed. (only kidding).

Also...I did the RR for this time before Beverly Squires pulled out...and so there are only six rounds, we will be finishing earlier than what I had stated. So probably the 1st of August..don't have the sheets in front of me.

This has been alot of fun, I hope we can keep this up and more family members will join us.

Let me know what you think there Margaret...I don't mind hosting again but thought you would like to??? All of you should also take advantage of the blog giveaways if you have time to go and post...lots of material and quilt stuff out there...just click on the snowflake.

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