Saturday, January 10, 2009


No sewing was done yesterday. I had this huge (the biggest one they have) space bag full of scrap. That is right, scrap. Several years ago I went through it and took all the stips in my scrap bag and put them in four containers (very nice and neatly). I said I would never let that get so bad again... Well...hummmmmm, glad I didn't swear on it. So the night before last, I got out this huge scrap bag (under my sewing machine table that I use for a cutting board, always in my feet and knees way). So I got it out and started sorting.

Put all the left over scraps in that laundry basket, where it sits by the ironing board. I am ironing all the pieces and cutting them into different sized squares. Got this idea from my sister Jeanette....she didn't see the wheels turning in my head when she mentioned this. She didn't even know that I had four containers of strip material all lined up in the contaners nice and neatly. I will show you those later.

Then in the sorting process I put all the strips in one basket and the pieces big enough for applique projects in the small one (I have a bigger basket just like this one with even more fabric lined up in it). This a long drawn out process. The ironing board is in my dinning room along with the cutting board and stray fabric. My husband probably came in and said "What the scrap"? She is at it again!!! He would be so shocked to come home and actually not see any form of materail, tools or the likes sitting around the room.


Shanna said...

Makes me laugh!! This reminds me of what I had to do not that long ago. You feel so bad throwing those bits away, yet don't exactly know what to do with them! Now they are nice and neat and ready to go :o)

Needled Mom said...

Job WELL done!!!! Good for you. I need to do something like that.

Jackie said...

At $9.50 a yard, scraps are too expensive to throw away!

I spent some time over my vacation organizing my scraps. I'm only on my 2nd quilt so didn't have too many. I hope to keep up with it but I do know that some things don't work the way you plan for them too!