Friday, August 16, 2013

 Did these on my new machine. I just been having fun.

 I pieced this quilt and my mom did it on the sewing machine.
 Mom did these the quick blankets. They are just two pieces of material.

 Here is a diaper bag that I have done. It is all John Deere.
I did these burp rags on my new machine. Needless to say I will be sending all of this off today except the butterflies. Hope everyone has a nice day.


Barb said...

You sure are enjoying your machine...I love love love...did I say love what you have been doing?

JJ said...

Those are so cute. That looks like a lot of fun. If I didn't work I might get one of those. Right now I dont have time for the quilting I want to do much less learn something new. I am glad you are having fun.

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